Machine Learning track for beginners

Machine learning is changing the way businesses work. Yet, it’s not easy to understand how it works, how models are trained and implemented in your business.

In our quest to put data and technology at the heart of moving forward we try to make machine learning more accessible. For all business people with a healthy interest in data analysis or machine learning we offer a machine learning track for beginners of 4 days. You can either follow the full training or just start with the introduction.

About the course
R and Python are the two most popular tools used by data scientists. In this course we’ll introduce you to R, an open-source, free and powerful programming language that you can easily use as a tool to use Machine Learning algorithms on your dataset. You’ll get to know the Studio R environment first and learn some basic programming skills, which will allow you to start doing some basic data manipulations.

 After this one day introduction you’re ready for the applied machine learning course. In the next 3-days the training throws light on how machine learning implementation is possible using R.

This course is the first step to unleash the potential of your data and use it to personalise and optimise customer journeys in real life, unearth new audience segments to target, automate processes, streamline operation, …

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