This is the most difficult thing to explain. After several years of observing the dynamics between clients and providers, of noticing how people were treated within their own company, we wanted to develop and implement our own philosophy.

At core-origins, we base our work on three core truths

  • Communication is key
    People should talk to each other, because without open, honest and correct communication no teamwork is possible. We do not believe in keeping secrets from one another. Without communication there can be no trust. Without trust there can be no team. Communication is at the centre of what we do and we understand how essential it is. Without clear, transparent communication there can be no ongoing progress. Employees of core-origins embrace this thought in every aspect of their daily tasks hence making every decision with full confidence and clarity. This strengthens the current relationships of the firm as well as the new ones that it is trying to build.
  • Respect is our base
    Everyone has strong points and weak points, but neither must ever become a reason for disrespect. We are all living persons, human beings, and as such deserve to be treated in a respectful manner. We, the employees of a company, are the true value of a company, and we should never come second to profit or material gain. Having staff from multiple cultural and racial backgrounds constantly interacting with each other inevitably leads to certain issues but this can be curbed and even prevented if all situations are dealt with with respect. Gender biases are also a big no. When people are respected, they feel both appreciated and valuable. Core-origins firmly believes in this and ensures that all employees feel fully integrated and listened to. Happy employees work better; it is a well-known fact.
  • Everyone is unique
    Although core-origins has internal guidelines, and all should adhere to the agreements, everyone is still an individual. My dreams might and probably will differ from yours, or someone else’s. I believe that it is the company’s duty to make sure that everyone can grow and develop his own skill set, and that we – core-origins – should nurture each individual’s growth. It is only by celebrating our differences that we can truly harness our potential as both a team and a company. Each staff has a pool of knowledge that can be shared with his/her peers. Additionally, it is by acquiring the qualities and richness of every employee that an organization can reap the maximum benefits and propel itself into the future. As such individuality is and will remain a solid tenet of core-origins as it prepares to enter into its forthcoming expansion phase.