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    • This course focuses on end user automation. It helps users automate common programs such as from the Microsoft Office package. This is intended for people who are interested in automation but don’t practice it as their job.
    • This course is intended for developers who already have basic knowledge about UIPath. Here we will look at the Robotic Enterprise Framework and see how it can help you automating processes as well as secure and stabilize them.
    • In this course we’ll look at the management of automations as well as advanced automation. We’ll learn how to manage delivered automations, how to handle complex automations and work in project modus. Developer Continuous Learning.
    • This course is an introduction to RPA focused on the developer role. The developer will learn how to automate processes and how to run those automations. At the end of the course we will also see a small introduction to a framework for automations. More information on frameworks you can find in the developer advanced […]
    • This course is meant for implementation managers. They will learn which processes are suitable for automation and how the delivery process of an automation works.
    • This course focuses on infrastructure engineering. The engineers will learn how to manage automations as well as the risks involved with it. They will supervise the run environment and apply roles/licenses/standards to the organization.
    • The solution architect course goes further then the developer track. Here you’ll learn how to develop automations as well as how to test them and how to manage them. A solution architect knows the project flow from beginning to end and can assist in all phases of the project.

    The following cancellation policies apply to all courses and activities:

    • A cancellation by the participant/client should be notified by email to training@core-origins.com.
    • For cancellation up to 10 working days before the course, there are no cancellation fees.
    • In case of cancellation less than 10 working days before the course, the full participation fee is due.
    • If a participant is unable to attend, he/she can be replaced free of charge after notification by e-mail, until 10 working days prior to the start of the course.
    • Core-origins has the right to cancel a course with 4 or fewer participants.
    • Core-origins has the right to change the dates and/or venue of a course, given unforeseen circumstances.