Every SME in Flanders is entitled to 30% subsidies on all courses, advice, and coaching. But how does this work? Here are the most frequently asked questions about the SME subsidy.

As an SME, you can get financial support from the SME portfolio. This measure can only be used when purchasing services that promote the quality of your business.

Core-origins has been a recognized SME service provider for years, that means that you can obtain this subsidy when purchasing all our training and consultancy services.

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An SME subsidy is a part of the SME portfolio offered by the Flemish government. Through this subsidy, the Flemish government wants to offer an opportunity to small companies to stimulate the company through training/advice.

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You can register online with the SME portfolio and in the e-desk you can apply for the subsidies. This is easy, quick, and simple. If you wish, we can assist you in this process.

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You are eligible for this subsidy if:

  • You are a company with fewer than 50 employees (this also applies to freelancers).
  • Your establishment is located in the Flemish region.
  • The workers in your company are also working in this region.
  • Only companies with an acceptable main activity are eligible for requesting this aid.

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This option applies to standard calendar courses, customized business courses, both for your own internal employees as well as for external and temporary agency workers.


Please note that the purchase price of the training excluding VAT must be at least 100 euro. Also remember that this discount only applies to the training or consultancies themselves.

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