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    • Data modelling and Database Design includes industry standard techniques for data analysis and database design and places them in a modern day development environment. After an introductory session covering database design, sound theoretical concepts are linked to practical considerations. The course sequence moves from logical data analysis and data model development through to physical database […]
    • Data warehousing has evolved into a unique and key component of IT strategy for many organisations. Dimensional modelling is the proven technique for developing understandable, high performance data warehouses and data marts. This course in Data Warehouse Design introduces data warehouses, demonstrates the techniques involved in developing dimensional models and shows how these models fit […]
    • This course in Database Management entails; General Concepts. Tables. Data Integrity. Some other Database Objects.
    • SQL Advanced

      In this course of SQL Advanced you will learn how to: Join and Set Operations. Subqueries. Data Manipulation.
    • SQL Basic

      In this course of SQL you will learn how to work with the basics of SQL. Learn to consult data from SQL tables using simple queries. In here you’ll learn about execution order, the basic select statement and the case statement.  

    The following cancellation policies apply to all courses and activities:

    • A cancellation by the participant/client should be notified by email to training@core-origins.com.
    • For cancellation up to 10 working days before the course, there are no cancellation fees.
    • In case of cancellation less than 10 working days before the course, the full participation fee is due.
    • If a participant is unable to attend, he/she can be replaced free of charge after notification by e-mail, until 10 working days prior to the start of the course.
    • Core-origins has the right to cancel a course with 4 or fewer participants.
    • Core-origins has the right to change the dates and/or venue of a course, given unforeseen circumstances.