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    Data-Driven Programming

    Dear core-origins friends, Exciting news to share with you all! Our "Proof of Concept" on Data-Driven Programming has successfully completed Phase One with flying colors! After a week of productive discussions and exchange of ideas, we have come up with a modern and innovative approach to program structuring. We owe a special thanks to our [...]

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    Startevent 2023

    We went bowling! Remember when we asked about what would be the best team building? Last Friday night we went bowling and had dinner with the whole core-origins crew. During this event, we had the opportunity to get to know our new marketing-intern, a little bit better. Turns out, he’s a great bowler! Getting together [...]

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    GSE post

    We had the pleasure of attending the GSE BeLux Regional Conference 2022 in Zemst on October 18th, where we learned about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the latest trends in AI algorithms. The conference featured a variety of captivating speakers who shared their own visions on the topic. As a major sponsor, we [...]

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    PXL post

    core-origins and Hexion recently joined forces to host an exciting keynote event on Wednesday evening. Our CEO, Steven Scheldeman, delivered an engaging lecture on the topic of Mainframe, highlighting its significance in the future of IT.   Despite the common misconception that Mainframe is a thing of the past, Steven emphasized the many opportunities it [...]

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    New Employees

    We are thrilled to announce the addition of two new consultants to the core-origins team: Houda Lamkahkah and Mohammed Hebili. They recently joined us and we had the pleasure of getting to know them better over a nice lunch with some of our other colleagues. We are excited to have them on board and we [...]

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    End MF Academy

    The bi-annual Mainframe Academy at core-origins has come to a successful conclusion. Over the past two months, our students have learned all about Mainframe and passed the training with flying colors. They have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to become top-notch Mainframe consultants.   In the final week of the academy, our students presented [...]

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