We are a group of open minded, service oriented and quality driven group of people who are dedicated to creating and expanding a company based on Ethical Business rules. All of us – even though we might come from different backgrounds – bring a lot of expertise and insights to the table, which we translate into the core of core-origins.

Our management team – Kristien Knops, Cindy Neuckens, Dirk De Schutter and Steven Scheldeman – are all people who came up through the ranks in their respective fields: IT Training, IT Consultancy, Human Resources and Accounting. Thusly we link our origins to hands-on experiences and real-life considerations.

At core-origins we believe in putting our staff and clients first. Many companies talk about employee welfare, work life balance and many such other matters. But do they really believe in those? We have all worked for several teams and managers throughout our careers and come across various ethics, management styles and corporate behaviours.

What We Do   

At some point or other we were told about taking care of our mental health, correct posture and flexi time options; but how many times did we feel that it was just talk? The difference at core-origins is that we actually live those principles, it is not just a notion.

Where We Work   


At this point we have two core businesses: IT/SAP consultancy and IT training.

IT training can be seen as a hub from where we provide IT trainers to other training centers. As you can imagine, we work a lot with freelance trainers for very short-term missions. We are very often talking about one week, max.

We are always on the lookout for motivated trainers to come and strengthen our team

Although, we sometimes develop courses on demand, we rarely organize IT trainings ourselves. That is where several of our partners throughout Europe come in.

IT consultancy is exactly that. We offer IT professionals for short, medium and long term contracts. Some of these are freelancers, but we prefer to work with people from our own company.

These missions can be on Z Enterprise Systems (Mainframe), System I (AS/400), Linux/Unix, Windows, AIX, …
They might take place in Belgium, The Netherlands, or somewhere else in Europe.
It might relate to network, BI, Application development, Frontend, Backend, Mobile, …

We don’t shy away from a challenge.




Frontend (IDZ, explorer, …)

Z Linux

Z Enterprise Systems (Mainframe)

App development (Java, .Net, Cobol, …)

System I (AS/400)