Every year core-origins organizes a spectacular and interesting Summer Academy. Our best trainers teach you everything about Mainframe, the job of the future, during a period of 2 months in July and August 2023! But who can participate in this and what happens afterwards? Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Summer Academy.

Everyone! Do you have no idea what Mainframe is or do you want to take your first steps in IT? No problem! Through our trainers you will discover everything about Mainframe so you can put it to good use immediately.

However, even for experienced IT-people, this is the opportunity to receive additional training and become an expert in Mainframe.

During the 2-month training program, you will learn everything about Mainframe. You will start from the basics and end with a case study where you can show what you have learned during the summer/course. That week ends with a short presentation in front of potential clients, and an aperitif!

There are many possibilities as to what you can do after the Academy! After your training, you can start working for our clients. Or passing on with that you learned, feel free to stick around and become a trainer yourself at core-origins. You are closely monitored with monthly coaching and education opportunities.

“It was a great experience! I have learned a lot in a short time. The lessons were clear and enough time was taken if problems arose. The best thing about the training was the Case Study. I was able to put my knowledge into practice and finish the training with a nice feeling!” – Jens Lauwers

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